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Recommended by Brian Lederer

How America Could Go Dark
WSJ Dozens of break-ins show how poor security puts the U.S. electric system at risk from terrorist saboteurs of blackouts lasting days, weeks or longer.
Recommended by Brian Lederer 0
The Future of Work in 5 Charts — The Cooper Review
Medium Here are 5 charts that show you the future of work, based on the present, which is likely the past depending on when you’re reading this.
Recommended by Brian Lederer 0
For poor children to succeed, rich ones must fail
Financial Times Florence in 1427. The people at the top of the ladder are members of the city’s powerful guilds, while those at the bottom are beating, cleaning and washing raw wool. Fast-forward almost...
Recommended by Brian Lederer 0
What Nicholas Kristof gets wrong (and right) about conservatives in academia
Vox It's easier to find a Marxist than a Republican in academia. An expert explains why just hiring conservatives isn’t...
Recommended by Brian Lederer 0
Foreign Students Seen Cheating More Than Domestic Ones
WSJ Public universities in the U.S. recorded 5.1 reports of alleged cheating for every 100 international students, versus one report per 100 domestic students, in a Wall Street Journal analysis.
Recommended by Brian Lederer 0
The inventor of the 401(k) says he created a ‘monster’
MarketWatch Ted Benna helped turn a little-noticed new subsection of the tax code into the least likely of household names: the 401(k).
Recommended by Brian Lederer  · Length: 4 minutes 7
This $5 Billion Software Company Has No Sales Staff
Bloomberg.com Atlassian sold $320 million worth of business software last year without a single sales employee. Everyone else in the industry noticed.
Recommended by Brian Lederer 0
Billions at Stake in University Patent Fights
Bloomberg.com Billions at Stake in University Patent Fights...
Recommended by Brian Lederer 0
The way we board airplanes makes no sense
Vox Most US airlines use the slowest possible method to board flights. Here are much faster options.
Recommended by Brian Lederer  · Length: 3 minutes 10
Here’s how much you need to make to afford rent in every state
Vox In six states and Washington, DC, families that want to rent a two-bedroom apartment without spending an unreasonable amount on housing will need to make more than the median household income in...
Recommended by Brian Lederer 0
IQ, explained in 9 charts
Vox Intelligence can predict your risk of death, and 8 other smart facts about IQ.
Recommended by Brian Lederer  · Length: 4 minutes 9
The Myth of Multitasking: Why Fewer Priorities Leads to Better Work
James Clear Multitasking reduces productivity and divides your energy across too many priorities. Read this article to learn why this happens...
Recommended by Brian Lederer 0
Piketty has last laugh as revolts threaten the pay status quo
Financial Times Thomas Piketty’s 2013 tome Capital in the Twenty-First Century was dismissed by diehard critics as doctrinaire, statistically flawed and boring. Three years later the French economist’s broadside against rising financial inequality is...
Recommended by Brian Lederer 0
Triple A quality fades as companies embrace debt
Financial Times The triple A rated company is nearly extinct. Just a handful of companies in the world retain the coveted rating from Standard & Poor’s after ExxonMobil was downgraded last month. In the...
Recommended by Brian Lederer 0
How the West (and the Rest) Got Rich
WSJ The Great Enrichment of the past two centuries has one primary source: the liberation of ordinary people to pursue their dreams of economic betterment...
Recommended by Brian Lederer 0
Can You Use Student Loans to Go on Spring Break?
Bloomberg.com One in five spends checks for college on noneducational expenses, a study finds.
Recommended by Brian Lederer 0
Today's rich families in Florence, Italy, were rich 700 years ago
Vox There's much less economic mobility than people believe.
Recommended by Brian Lederer 0
The TSA is a waste of money that doesn't save lives and might actually cost them
Vox It's not worth the wait.
Recommended by Brian Lederer 0
LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/importance-breaking-free-yourself-michael-puett?trk=eml-b2_content_ecosystem_digest-hero-14-null...
Recommended by Brian Lederer 0
Globalisation of drugs manufacturing raises concerns over quality
Financial Times When the US Department of Justice imposed a $500m fine on Ranbaxy, the Indian medicines producer, in 2013, it highlighted the risks involved in the increasing globalisation of drug manufacturing. From the...
Recommended by Brian Lederer 0

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"Being tired isn’t a badge of honor — Signal v. Noise"

"It's a Tesla"

"Branding wars: Under Armour versus Nike"

"120 Actionable Ideas from Ten Books I Would Give My Younger Self — Life Learning"

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