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Recommended by Kelwyn Looi

A Peek Inside the Moonshot Factory Operating Manual
Medium Ever since we started as Google[x] in 2010, X has had a single mission: to invent and launch “moonshot” technologies that we hope could…
Recommended by Kelwyn Looi 0
Why Amazon Has Consumer Investors Bemused and Confused
BreakingVC Amazon’s recent entries into home services, food delivery, private label clothes & shoes, as well as a wide range of private label home items represent its most brazen efforts ever to attack...
Recommended by Kelwyn Looi 0
The Curse of Culture
Stratechery by Ben Thompson It is very fair to say that Apple is threatened by the potential rise of AI. Google, though, is also threatened by its inability to own customers’ attention. The solution for both...
Recommended by Kelwyn Looi 0
The American economy's big problem: we don't have enough companies like Tesla
Vox Tesla is going to need billions of dollars to meet its ambitious production goals. Most technology companies don't need...
Recommended by Kelwyn Looi 0
The Real Problem With Facebook and the News
Stratechery by Ben Thompson Kelwyn Looi's Comment: Some similarities to how Google search results are limited in self-perpetuation and search, rather than discovery
Recommended by Kelwyn Looi  · Length: 3 minutes 11
It's a Tesla
Stratechery by Ben Thompson Kelwyn Looi's Comment: Great article on Tesla, one of the most considered (of many) that I have read!
Recommended by Kelwyn Looi  · Length: 7 minutes 28
Dream states
The Long and Short 500 years of Utopia: By focusing on utopias as naive blueprints for 'perfect' societies, we overlook the success of utopias as places of experimentation...
Recommended by Kelwyn Looi 0
Cluster life after death: How the death of creative companies renews their ecosystems
Medium Unlike people, organisations reproduce by dying. This is how they generate spin-outs, small, modified versions of themse…
Recommended by Kelwyn Looi 0
3 Irritating Things That Angels and VCs Do in The First Meeting and Conversation — Try TOMO
Medium In the last month I’ve been making the rounds with angels and venture capital institutions and so far it’s...
Recommended by Kelwyn Looi  · Length: 9 minutes 28
Two Powerful Mental Models: Network Effects and Critical Mass – Andreessen Horowitz
a16z Two Powerful Mental Models: Network Effects and Critical Mass – Andreessen Horowitz...
Recommended by Kelwyn Looi  · Length: 5 minutes 20
Why Clayton Christensen Is Wrong About Uber And Disruptive Innovation
TechCrunch Silicon Valley has disrupted disruptive innovation, and Clayton Christensen isn’t happy about it. Christensen vaulted to rock-star status in...
Recommended by Kelwyn Looi 0
“Will this be on the test?” — The Startup
Medium Kelwyn Looi's Comment: I don't completely agree with everything contained in this article, but it's a good one to instigate debate about what really works to deliver effective education.
Recommended by Kelwyn Looi  · Length: 8 minutes 9
The Secret to Moonshots? Killing Our Projects — Backchannel
Medium At X, I see up close every day how messy innovation is...
Recommended by Kelwyn Looi  · Length: 12 minutes 10
Four Tips for Edtech Investors Who Care About Impact (EdSurge News)
EdSurge Kelwyn Looi's Comment: A slightly self-indulgent article - one that reflects part of my own theory of change in my day job: getting people to care about impact in education, particularly investors.
Recommended by Kelwyn Looi  · Length: 6 minutes 9
What Most People Don't Understand About How Startup Companies are Valued
Bothsides of the Table Kelwyn Looi's Comment: A fantastic article, mainly for the author's application of economics to describe real-world occurrences.
Recommended by Kelwyn Looi  · Length: 6 minutes 26
Why Organizations Need to Make Learning Hard
Harvard Business Review If it’s too easy, it’s not working.
Recommended by Kelwyn Looi 0
Corp Dev Language Translator — on startups
Medium Words used by corp dev (i.e. people in charge of making acquisition deals) and what they actually mean...
Recommended by Kelwyn Looi  · Length: 4 minutes 29
The FANG Playbook
Stratechery by Ben Thompson The FANG companies — Facebook, Amazon, Netflix, and Google — are far more similar than you might think. Their rise in value is no accident, and it is connected to Aggregation Theory.
Recommended by Kelwyn Looi 0
Cars and the Future
Stratechery by Ben Thompson A massive revolution in cars seems right around the corner. However, I think it will take longer then most technologists think, but when it comes it will come quickly.
Recommended by Kelwyn Looi 0
Good CEOs do just 3 things
Medium How to cut the bulls*it and grow faster by doing fewer things better.
Recommended by Kelwyn Looi  · Length: 5 minutes 32

"Why I Built a Hiring Marketplace"

"Being tired isn’t a badge of honor — Signal v. Noise"

"It's a Tesla"

"Branding wars: Under Armour versus Nike"

"120 Actionable Ideas from Ten Books I Would Give My Younger Self — Life Learning"

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