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Recommended by Craig Prager

Warren Buffett: Here’s How I Would Solve the Trade Problem
Fortune In 2003, the Oracle of Omaha saw the debate on free trade coming, and proposed a radical solution.
Recommended by Craig Prager  · Length: 6 minutes 17
Stop Crashing Planes: Charlie Munger’s Six-Element System
Farnam Street The search for wisdom does not actually translate into consistent wisdom. Here's a six-element system by Charlie Munger that helps you learn better.
Recommended by Craig Prager 0
How to Prepare for the Next Recession
New York Times A downturn is inevitable, and America isn’t ready — yet.
Recommended by Craig Prager  · Length: 5 minutes 13
Luck Meets Perseverance: The Creation of IBM’s Competitive Advantage
Farnam Street By combining aggressive opportunism and a great deal of luck, IBM was forged in the depths of the Great...
Recommended by Craig Prager 0
Hans Rosling's Important Truths about Population Growth and the Developing World
Farnam Street Hans Rosling teaches us some important truths about world population growth, the development of the world's poorest people, and...
Recommended by Craig Prager 0
“[…] is a toy” — Learning By Shipping
Medium As many have recognized, when inventions and innovations first appear they are often (always) labeled as “toys” or “inca…
Recommended by Craig Prager  · Length: 5 minutes 12
In Defense of the Deck
Above the Crowd Craig Prager's Comment: The importance of decks and storytelling for entrepreneurs
Recommended by Craig Prager  · Length: 5 minutes 12
On the Road to Recap:
Above the Crowd By Bill Gurley...
Recommended by Craig Prager 0
Why Luck Matters—Much More Than You Think
The Atlantic The luckiest people overlook their good fortune.
Recommended by Craig Prager  · Length: 5 minutes 37
Inside America’s Infrastructure Problem
The New Yorker The politics of chronic underinvestment.
Recommended by Craig Prager  · Length: 4 minutes 27
The Munger Operating System: A Life That Really Works
Farnam Street Charlie Munger gave the 2007 USC Law School Commencement Address, and within it, outlined a very wise operating system for leading a good life.
Recommended by Craig Prager  · Length: 5 minutes 11
Roger Fisher on a Better Way to Negotiate, Part 2
Farnam Street Part 2 of our series on Roger Fisher's bestselling book Getting to Yes, which teaches us a better way to negotiate.
Recommended by Craig Prager 0
Roger Fisher on a Better Way to Negotiate, Part 1
Farnam Street Our desire to defend our stance in negotiations is a natural habit, but one that we need to avoid to get things done and maintain good relationships.
Recommended by Craig Prager 0
Sean Parker Launches an Unprecedented Cancer Research Effort
Fortune Six of the best U.S. cancer centers are on board.
Recommended by Craig Prager  · Length: 3 minutes 43
Second-Level Thinking: What Smart People Use to Outperform
Farnam Street Your goal as a thinker and decision maker is not to be average. You want to be above average. Second-level thinking is a tool that will help get you there.
Recommended by Craig Prager 0
Delusions of objectivity
Tim Harford ‘“Naive realism” is the seductive sense that we’re seeing the world as it truly is, without bias or error’ “Have you ever noticed when you’re driving,” the comedian George Carlin commented, “that...
Recommended by Craig Prager  · Length: 3 minutes 22
Carl Braun on Communicating Like a Grown-Up
Farnam Street Industrial genius Carl Braun tells us how to communicate like a grown-up so we can gain respect and really get things done inside or outside the workplace.
Recommended by Craig Prager 0
Elon Musk and the Question of Overconfidence
Farnam Street Is Charlie Munger right to be afraid of Elon Musk and his great confidence? An interesting thought from Elon's former partner helps us think about it.
Recommended by Craig Prager 1
How Clever Leaders Overcome More Talented Competitors
Farnam Street In the early 1900s Samuel Pierpont Langley wanted to be the first man to fly an airplane. He stacked the odds in his favor, or so he thought, by arming himself with...
Recommended by Craig Prager 0
GE CEO: Bernie Sanders says we’re ‘destroying the moral fabric’ of America. He’s wrong.
Washington Post It seems the Vermont senator is missing the point.
Recommended by Craig Prager 0

"Why I Built a Hiring Marketplace"

"Being tired isn’t a badge of honor — Signal v. Noise"

"It's a Tesla"

"Branding wars: Under Armour versus Nike"

"120 Actionable Ideas from Ten Books I Would Give My Younger Self — Life Learning"

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10Thoughts is a place where business professionals find the best content recommended by their talented colleagues and peers.

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10Thoughts was founded by two brothers, Jack and Jeffrey Mara. It started at Darden Business School with students recommending articles for their classmates. It then expanded across the MBA community and into the broader business world.

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