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Recommended by Sachin Kadam

The Second Smartphone Revolution – AVC
AVC The Second Smartphone Revolution – AVC...
Recommended by Sachin Kadam 0
How Big Can Virtual Reality Be And Who Will Benefit?
Mahesh VC GDC is coming up in a couple weeks and virtual reality is sure to be front and center.
Recommended by Sachin Kadam  · Length: 3 minutes 10
More phones, fewer banks and years of instability is transforming Somalia into an almost cashless society
Quartz In the streets of Mogadishu, cash is disappearing, credit cards are unnecessary, and daily shopping is speedy and digital.
Recommended by Sachin Kadam 0
State of Connectivity 2015: A Report on Global Internet Access
State of Connectivity 2015: A Report on Global Internet Access, the second annual study by Facebook, takes a close look at the current state of global internet connectivity...
Recommended by Sachin Kadam 0
How Google Is Turning Cities Into R&D Labs
Co.Design From autonomous vehicles to building codes, Sidewalk Labs is thinking about problems and solutions that could shape cities for centuries.
Recommended by Sachin Kadam  · Length: 9 minutes 12
The Real Reason We Need to Stop Trying to Protect Everyone’s Feelings
Observer There’s that saying: The road to hell is paved with good intentions. When it comes to censorship, one might...
Recommended by Sachin Kadam 0
Sachin Kadam's Comment: This is a classic by John Gardner on "Personal Renewal". It tries to shed light onto the puzzle of why some men and women go to seed while others remain vital all of their lives.
Recommended by Sachin Kadam 0
What Google Learned From Its Quest to Build the Perfect Team
New York Times New research reveals surprising truths about why some work groups thrive and others falter.
Recommended by Sachin Kadam 0
How America Made Donald Trump Unstoppable
Rolling Stone He's no ordinary con man. He's way above average — and the American political system is his easiest mark ever...
Recommended by Sachin Kadam 0
Don't Be Misled. The Apple-FBI Fight Isn't About Privacy vs. Security
WIRED The FBI's spin has a lot of people thinking about its Apple fight all wrong.
Recommended by Sachin Kadam 0
How Netflix and 'original' series TV are rescripting the business of television
The Conversation The success of original series TV is opening up new opportunities for producers, owners and audiences.
Recommended by Sachin Kadam 0
When did the self-help movement lose its ethical seriousness? — Jennifer Ratner-Rosenhagen — Aeon Essays
Aeon Habits – good or bad – were once a matter of ethical seriousness. Are they now just another technology...
Recommended by Sachin Kadam 0
Behind the Scam: What Does It Take to Be a ‘Best-Selling Author’? $3 and 5 Minutes.
Observer I would like to tell you about the biggest lie in book publishing: It’s the word “bestseller.”
Recommended by Sachin Kadam 0
Two Superpowers We Wish We Had
Bill and Melinda Gates share their 2016 Annual Letter.
Recommended by Sachin Kadam  · Length: 8 minutes 9
Mindsets for Thinking about Innovation In — and Competition from — China – Andreessen Horowitz
a16z Mindsets for Thinking about Innovation In — and Competition from — China – Andreessen Horowitz...
Recommended by Sachin Kadam 0
How BuzzFeed's Jonah Peretti Is Building A 100-Year Media Company
Fast Company Once the "bored at work" network, BuzzFeed is now a globally distributed digital media powerhouse read by 79 million people every month.
Recommended by Sachin Kadam  · Length: 8 minutes 14
What’s Next in Computing?
Medium The computing industry progresses in two mostly independent cycles: financial and product cycles. There has been a lot o…
Recommended by Sachin Kadam 0
Single Women Are Now the Most Potent Political Force in America
The Cut The most powerful voter this year, who in her rapidly increasing numbers has become an entirely new category of citizen, is the single American woman.
Recommended by Sachin Kadam  · Length: 8 minutes 11
The Art of the Cold Email — Manager Mint
Medium The Art of the Cold Email?!
Recommended by Sachin Kadam  · Length: 5 minutes 23
Free Internet Services >> No Internet — Learning By Shipping
Medium Today I feel obligated or maybe compelled to say something about the debate going on in India (and elsewhere) over Faceb…
Recommended by Sachin Kadam 0

"Why I Built a Hiring Marketplace"

"Being tired isn’t a badge of honor — Signal v. Noise"

"It's a Tesla"

"Branding wars: Under Armour versus Nike"

"120 Actionable Ideas from Ten Books I Would Give My Younger Self — Life Learning"

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