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The way we board airplanes makes no sense
Vox Most US airlines use the slowest possible method to board flights. Here are much faster options.
Recommended by Brian Lederer  · Length: 3 minutes 10
Everything Stores Do to Trick You into Buying More Stuff
VICE Music in shops is getting louder, says the 'Daily Mail,' but what other sorts of witchcraft are retailers using to make us impulse buy?
Recommended by Jacob Reynolds · Length: 7 minutes 6
Filling in the gaps – the dynamics of zero marginal cost
Baldur Bjarnason's Notes If I had to pick one and only one bad writing habit of mine (I have many) I’d like to fix, it would be my tendency to skip over the things I...
Recommended by Jeff Fischer · Length: 7 minutes 4
7 Tips For Improving Your B2B Content Marketing Plan
Ron Sela Discover how to design a robust B2B content marketing plan with this reference guide to anybody planning the strategy for their business.
Recommended by Julie Tolbert · Length: 7 minutes 2
What happens when private equity buys your competitor? — Lightspeed Venture Partners
Medium If you were on Twitter Wednesday morning, you may have witnessed a humorous exchange between Marc Andreessen and danprimack...
Recommended by Ann Katz · Length: 7 minutes 2
5 big takeaways from the most thorough review of GMOs yet
Vox Genetic engineering is changing radically — and our regulations are becoming outdated.
Recommended by Cam Vermette  · Length: 7 minutes 3
Is the New Luxury a Better You?
The Business of Fashion Luxury spending is shifting from stuff to experiences to personal transformations, where a better you becomes the product.
Recommended by Phil Osborne  · Length: 4 minutes 4
IQ, explained in 9 charts
Vox Intelligence can predict your risk of death, and 8 other smart facts about IQ.
Recommended by Brian Lederer  · Length: 4 minutes 9
The inventor of the 401(k) says he created a ‘monster’
MarketWatch Ted Benna helped turn a little-noticed new subsection of the tax code into the least likely of household names: the 401(k).
Recommended by Brian Lederer  · Length: 4 minutes 7
No Venture Capital Needed, or Wanted
No Venture Capital Needed, or Wanted...
Recommended by Allen Stewart · Length: 7 minutes 4
Leicester City's premiership title can teach us how to build better teams
Leicester City's premiership title can teach us how to build better teams...
Recommended by David Baker  · Length: 5 minutes 19
Are You A Seagull Manager?
Forbes Seagull managers swoop in squawking, dump orders riddled with formulaic advice, and then abruptly take off, leaving everyone else behind to clean up the mess. Don’t let this happen to you.
Recommended by Brian Lederer  · Length: 6 minutes 15
Wealthy Families Have $4 Trillion Up for Grabs
Bloomberg.com In December, a half-dozen of some of the richest families in the U.S., from agriculture to beverages, gathered in a conference room on the 10th floor of an office building in Miami.
Recommended by Brian Lederer  · Length: 3 minutes 14
Your Brain On Coffee vs. Your Brain On Beer
Mental Floss Believe it or not, coffee and beer make great teammates when you're trying to get through a project.
Recommended by Brian Lederer  · Length: 2 minutes 24
The Real Problem With Facebook and the News
Stratechery by Ben Thompson Kelwyn Looi's Comment: Some similarities to how Google search results are limited in self-perpetuation and search, rather than discovery
Recommended by Kelwyn Looi  · Length: 3 minutes 11
There’s a new sheriff in town in Silicon Valley — the FDA
Washington Post As a tidal wave of new health-related gadgets, apps and tests hit the market, the Food and Drug Administration and other enforcement agencies are showing up in Silicon Valley like they’ve never...
Recommended by Cam Vermette  · Length: 7 minutes 15
How to Prepare for the Next Recession
New York Times A downturn is inevitable, and America isn’t ready — yet.
Recommended by Craig Prager  · Length: 5 minutes 13
Warren Buffett: Here’s How I Would Solve the Trade Problem
Fortune In 2003, the Oracle of Omaha saw the debate on free trade coming, and proposed a radical solution.
Recommended by Craig Prager  · Length: 6 minutes 17
Beware Startups Where Founders Have Equal Stakes
WSJ Startups with even equity splits between founders are less likely to attract investors, and end up with lower valuations...
Recommended by Cam Vermette  · Length: 3 minutes 9
Meeting Speak Cheat Sheet — The Cooper Review
Medium Use this handy cheat sheet to decipher what your coworkers are really saying during meetings.
Recommended by Company Recommender · Length: 5 minutes 12
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