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Jack Mara     |     Sep 26, 2015

Conventional Thinking Challenged
  • America’s top mental health researcher, is leaving healthcare for Alphabet because he believes the tech “big data” approach is better suited to solve mental health issues
  • Sweden’s experiment with a six hour work day is succeeding, employees are happier and productivity is increasing. Can this work in the United States workaholic culture?
  • Executive hiring managers are increasingly asking candidates to provide bad references during the hiring process. Is this a great way to weed out bad candidates?
  • “Peace” a chart topping app that blocks ads on the internet was pulled from the app store by the founder. The founder decided he is morally against hurting companies relying on online advertisements to stay in business
  • IDEO employs a 91 year old women to garner an elderly perspective in their design process, a perspective ignored by most companies

Leadership Thinking
  • A New York Times piece argues that in our work only the young and childless can keep up, companies will start to favor these individuals then pass them off when they fall out of this bucket
  • An HBR piece argues that many incompetent men become leaders because of our inability to differentiate between competence and confidence, the piece states that manifestations of hubris (confidence) are more frequent in men
  • Companies like Google, NASA, Toyota and Coca-Cola are using LEGO play to inspire innovative, out of the box thinking; the theory is that LEGOs challenge the hands to find a solution that the mind cannot
  • Studies find that mood is more important than attitude in determining productivity. The problem is that unlike attitude, which is a choice, mood is a far more complex thing

Problems Companies are Solving
  • Beacon is trying to “Uberize” private flights by providing a concierge service where you can call an airport 15 minutes before you need to leave and secure a flight, subscription is $2K a month
  • Advertising is now leveraging “face analysis” to monitor facial motions to measure the success of different commercials in real time
  • A piece in the Verge worries that Apple, Google and Microsoft are all converging on solving the same exact problems rather than thinking differently to offer a diverse range of products

Written by Jack Mara - Please submit all responses to jackmara@10Thoughts.com

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