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The Thinking Behind the 10Thoughts Updates and Changes

On Thursday we announced major updates, here is a deeper dive on the rationale and how these changes relate to our vision for 10Thoughts.

Jack Mara     |     Jan 9, 2016


On Thursday, we launched a new website and announced three changes/feature updates. I wanted to dive deeper into each of these changes to share our thinking and discuss how they relate to our vision for 10Thoughts.

  1. 10Thoughts Recommender Applications:

    Readers always ask how we will maintain the quality of article recommendations as we grow. How do we know that the recommendations are coming from top business minds? With a small community it was easy, I knew all the readers recommending content on 10Thoughts. As the community grew, this changed. To ensure (and continuously improve) the quality of the content recommendation, we are limiting recommendation privileges to accepted applicants.

    We also want our readers to know who is recommending content on 10Thoughts – no more names without context. Requiring users to apply to recommend content means that every user has a profile on 10Thoughts that readers can view. It allows readers to see every article recommended by their favorite recommenders. Next to every recommender name, we are including a link to the recommender’s LinkedIn page to provide our readers with further context on the recommender.

    This full transparency allows our recommenders to build up their personal brand in a community of high performing graduate students and professionals. It increases traffic to their LinkedIn page. Top 10Thoughts recommenders can opt to create their own personal newsletter where 10Thoughts readers can sign up to receive every article they recommend in their inboxes once a week.

    We are working very closely with our initial recommenders to build the recommender program and learn how to continually add value. If you are interested, apply here with LinkedIn.

  2. Company Recommended Articles:

    Professionals within different companies and institutions are recommending content on their internal 10Thoughts platforms. As these are articles recommended by individuals who are experts in their fields, we want to share these recommendations with the readers on our main platform.

    We envision a day where companies will want to share content recommended by their company on 10Thoughts. But we are not there yet, this will take time. However, we can share the content recommended on these platforms with our main audience under the name: "Company Recommender."

  3. Recommended by:

    We want our readers to be able to read articles recommended by professionals in different fields – 10Thoughts for (x profession). We are starting with consultants, entrepreneurs and financial services professionals. From there we are asking our readers what professional fields you want us to add!

So in aggregate, what does this all mean for the vision and future of 10Thoughts? It is amazing (at least to me) how different the company is now in comparison to the original idea. But on the other hand, despite all the pivoting, the fundamental concept never changed. We started 10Thoughts because we wanted to provide talented readers with articles recommended by trusted humans. We wanted to help readers cut through the noise to find high quality thoughtful content. We hoped 10Thoughts would be a place where talented minds could stay well versed on important business thinking.

Here is the vision we are working towards from the eyes of a reader…

A business professionals can go to 10Thoughts and read the best content recommended in different facets of the business world. This professional can read content recommended by individuals working in specific fields. This professional can read content recommended by companies, institutions and specific individuals they trust. This professional can recommend content to expose his or her thinking to peers. This professional can go on their company platform to read what their colleagues recommend and relevant recommended content impacting his or her organization.

Hopefully this sounds nice! Please keep reading, spreading the word and as always feel free to reach out – we respond to every email we receive.


Written by Jack Mara - Please submit all responses to jackmara@10Thoughts.com

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What is 10Thoughts?

10Thoughts is a place where business professionals find the best content recommended by their talented colleagues and peers.

Where did it come from?

10Thoughts was founded by two brothers, Jack and Jeffrey Mara. It started at Darden Business School with students recommending articles for their classmates. It then expanded across the MBA community and into the broader business world.

Who recommends the articles?

Article recommendations on 10Thoughts come from one of two places:

  1. 10Thoughts users can apply to recommend content– recommender applications are carefully vetted to ensure high quality articles from top, thoughtful minds
  2. Professionals in different companies and institutions are constantly recommending content on their internal 10Thoughts platforms. We post the best of their recommendations – stripped of name and company affiliation – on the 10Thoughts website

How do I become a recommender?

You can apply right here!

And why should I become a recommender?

10Thoughts recommenders build their brand by sharing impactful articles with a highly talented community of readers.

We increase the professional exposure of our recommenders by linking their names directly to their LinkedIn profile – our readers can then check out the people recommending content they enjoying.

10Thoughts recommenders are always welcome to blog on the site and readers can opt to subscribe to individual recommenders to receive all the content they recommend.

What’s a company platform?

We offer customized 10Thoughts platforms for companies and institutions. Find more info here

What is the “recommended by” section of the website?

Recommended by is a place to see content recommended by business professionals in different fields (for example: recommended by MBAs, by consultants, by lawyers, by financial services professionals).

I wish there was recommended by [fill in the blank]…

You can help us build it! Get in touch.

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